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UKA Exams - October 13th

October 13th Timetable

We are very pleased to announce that we're holding UKA Exams at the Buckland Centre on October 13th. Please fill in the form below with the relevant information, we will then email you with the prices for the exam genre you're interested in. Once you have this information you can reply with exactly which exams you would like to book. The times will be between 9am and 4pm.

Benefits of exams:

  • Gives the kids a goal to work towards

  • Improves self esteem by achieving goals, and increases students respect for teamwork

  • Recognition for all of their hard work over the last few months

  • Provides a structured development plan for all kids to develop strong technique

If you would like your child to take an exam, but you cannot attend October 13th, please put it in the notes below, there are options for you.

Exam details
Exam genres interested in
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