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Our next exam session dates are TBC.

Benefits of exams:

  • Gives the kids a goal to work towards

  • Improves self-esteem by achieving goals, and increases students respect for teamwork

  • Recognition for all of their hard work over the last few months

  • Provides a structured development plan for all kids to develop strong technique

We generally hold 2 exam sessions per year, which are a combination of graded and medal test exams.

Graded exams are mainly technique-based, and are usually taken a maximum once per year, or when the child is ready to take the exams. We currently work towards graded exams in:

Modern- ISTD syllabus 

Tap-ISTD syllabus

Ballet- UKA syllabus

Contemporary- iD Company syllabus

Musical Theatre- UKA syllabus

Acro- UKA syllabus

Medal test exams are more performance-based and offer confidence boosts and rewards in between the graded exam sessions. We also offer medal tests in some other genres of dance that do not have grades to work towards.

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