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Due to the ongoing threat of Covid-19 and to protect the health and wellbeing of our OBDA Family we had to make the difficult decision to suspend all dance classes on Wednesday, March 18th 2020.

After some very successful trials, we're please to say that we're now offering online classes through the Zoom platform! Each class is just £3, and your child can do unlimited classes for £15 a week. Click here to see our online timetable.

While we do appreciate the online classes won't replace the normal classes, and we're hoping to get back to normal classes ASAP, we feel the online classes will be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • They will keep the kids motivated to dance through this tricky period

  • They will ensure all the kids hard work over the last few months does not go to waste

  • They will ensure the kids can make a running start when we're allowed to re-start normal classes

  • They will offer the kids something to look forward to while stuck at home, and keep them in the normal dance routine each week

We are also offering online private lessons at discounted rates

£10 for 30 mins or £20 for the hour

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WhatsApp Image 2020-03-28 at


We are fully aware that people may be struggling for money over this tricky period, so with this in mind we have heavily reduced our class fees for online compared to the normal fees.

Each children's online class is discounted to £3


Our UNLIMITED package is £15 per week

As we are not sure how long it will be until we can return to classes, and because we are unable to take pay as you go payments face to face, we're proposing to set up direct debit payments every 2 weeks for everyone wanting to do online classes. Setting up the payments and booking classes is very easy, please follow the instructions below:


  • Please email us on stating which class or classes you would like your child to attend.

  • If you don't already pay by Direct Debit, please click this link to set up your direct debit mandate

  • Once we have received your email, and your direct debit mandate, we will set the payments up to come out every other week. Once the payment plan is set up you will receive an email to confirm the details of the plan and you'll have a couple of days to review this before the first payments are taken. 

If you have any questions regarding the online classes, please get in contact using any of the following platforms:




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